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Educational Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


Educational Software to Help Students in Problem Solving.

Educational Software for Teachers to Engage Students in Active Learning.

Actus Potentia's Software is for the Students.
  1. It's a learning software for help in problem solving.

  2. Solve your own problems, do your homework, unlimited practice for Exams.

  3. It's a problem solving software with step by step instructions.

  4. It's an instructional software that gives you instant feedback, catches your mistakes, and tells you how to fix mistakes.

  5. It's clean user interface simplifies interactive problem solving.

  6. It's a teaching software focused on essential concepts for problem based learning.

  7. Learn to become an expert, get awesome grade.

Actus Potentia's Software is for the Teachers.
  1. The Educational Technology engages students in interactive problem solving.

  2. The Educational Technology is specialy designed for problem based and project based learning.

  3. The Instructional Technology can be used in traditional, flipped, and hybrid classrooms.

Growing collection of instructional videos.

Product Features:
  1. Intercative with clutter-free user interface.

  2. Guided problem solving for multi-step problems.

  3. Step-by-step instructions.

  4. Timely help with essential ideas.

  5. Feedback at every step to find your mistakes.

  6. Use of oncept maps to connect ideas.

  7. Not limited by built in problem bank; pose and solve your own problems.

  8. Learn at your own pace.

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