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Your 24/7 Arithmetic Tutor from Actus Potentia

An Arithmetic Educational Software.
Runs on Windows only.
.NET Environment


55 Modules in Arithmetic Software

Numbers, Counting, Place Value
Coins, Clock, Shapes
Basic Operations with Integers
Fractions, Improper Fractions, Mixed Numbers, Reciprocals
Basic Operations with Fractions
Decimal, Fractions to Decimals, Multiplication and Division
Simple and Compound Interest
Money, Loan, Mortgage, Income Tax
Ratio Proportion - Direct, Inverse, Combined
Speed and Relative Velocity
Square and Cube Roots
Area, Volume, and Geometry
Positive and Negative Numbers, Order of Operations
Linear Equations, Simultaneous Linear Equations
Trigonometric tan Function, Height & Distance Calculations
Mean and Standard Deviation
Applications in Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Engineering

What will Arithmetic Software do for the students?

  • Focus on building a strong Foundation

  • Add "Why it works" meaning to mechanical arithmetic operations

  • Finish homework in a fraction of the time

  • 24/7 tutor on their PC

  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions in lots of "Help" files

  • Improve test scores

  • Unlimited examples

  • Immediate feedback

  • Hundreds of word problems for you to apply your learning

  • Grading tool that emails students' score to the teacher

Why should a teacher adopt Arithmetic Software?

Arithmetic Press Coverage

Actus Potentia Releases Educational Software for Arithmetic - Suited for Self-paced and Personalized Learning and is Aligned with the Core Curriculum

Actus Potentia Releases Arithmetic Videos for Learning

Actus Potentia Releases Arithmetic Software to Engage Students in their Classroom

Actus Potentia Releases Arithmetic Software with Lessons on Smart Living

Actus Potentia Releases Arithmetic Software with Modules on Practical Story Problems and Problems in Science and Engineering

Actus Potentia Releases Arithmetic Software ( with Built-in Assessment Tools

Arithmetic Notes

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